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Family Session

Family On Location With Monolights

Another Photo of My Dog

As I am sure you have all guessed by now, I love my dog, Shiloh. I took this image for the PHO 241 final lab assignment. I kind of like the weird crop. I cropped it this way, in camera. I like it because your eyes are automatically drawn to her one blue eye. Her neck and body kind of frame in her face and lead you to her eye and make you wonder what she is looking at. I wish that the horizon line of the road behind her was not going through her head but oh well. I still think this is a beautiful photo of my baby.

Senior Session

For a Senior session, I photographed Drew’s sister. She is not a real senior in high school but she definitely played the part well for me. We had a lot of fun doing this session. We photographed at a few different places in Rockingham including downtown, her house, a church across the street from her house, and Hitchcock Creek. I really like this image of her sitting on these old crates next to this cool old clock in downtown Rockingham. I like the way she looks with the strobe light illuminating her skin. It almost seems like the story could be that she is sitting there waiting for someone near the clock tower as she is looking off into the distance.

Fighter of Fire

This is my sister. She is ten years older than me. She is also the toughest person that I know. I am who I am today because of my sister. I look up to her in so many ways. A few years back, she was in a car accident by no fault of her own. Because of this incident, she got the opportunity to move to Texas. In the desert in Texas, she trained for two years to become a firefighter. She worked very hard to get several certifications in that two year period so that she could move back closer to our family. Through all of this she taught me so much about perseverance, dedication, and hard work. She taught me to never let anybody tell me I can not do anything. It is because of my sister’s example, that I found the courage to move hundreds of miles from my family at 18 years old to attend the RCC photography program. I am so thankful for her. When we were in Roanoke last week, we took some photos of her in some of her gear. I am so proud of who she is.

Stoked To Be in Roanoke

For my Professional Wedding Photography class, I had an assignment to photograph a bridal on location. At first, I was not finding any models that could help me. Then, I was telling my sister about my struggle to find somebody and she nonchalantly said she would meet me somewhere and help me out. I asked her how far she was willing to drive (from Carlisle, Pennsylvania) to come see me and she said four hours. I got on Google maps and searched the first city in Virginia that came to mind which was Roanoke. It happened to be like four hours and five minutes from my sister’s house. So, last Sunday afternoon I drove up there and she drove to meet me. She dressed up as a (fake) bride and modeled for me as the sun set. My sister is a firefighter for the Army so when we found this old firehouse, we knew we had to get some photos there. Even though this might not be the best image technically, it still means a lot to me because my sister is one of the most awesome people I know. Seeing her dress up in a dress she hated just to help out her little sis meant a lot to me. I loved making memories that day.